Faith and Justice Learning Groups in 2022

This winter and spring, 2022, the R Ch Project is continuing the Faith and Justice learning group which is designed for young adults and college-age students who want to learn more about restorative justice practices and also appreciate the intersections with faith traditions. These zoom meetings, happen on 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm Central Time.  Click here to learn more scheduling details and additional information.  A special thanks to the Calvin Peacemakers at Calvin University for assisting with these gatherings.


This spring, R Ch will be hosting a series of workshops titled:

Restorative Justice: Blending Truth, Mercy, Righteousness and Peace

This class will combine a basic introduction to restorative justice with a biblical study of restorative themes, including victimization and deep healing, offending and dignifying reparation, the power of storytelling, listening, being heard, and forgiveness, and more. Ultimately, God will be understood as a bridge-building facilitator who fosters restoration in every realm of relational harm and separation.


Church groups that are interested in hosting the Servanthood Communication Workshop Series, based on the Kenosis (Emptying) Christ Hymn of Philippians 2, can contact Ted Lewis at

The Three Servanthood Communication Skills:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Deepening Questions
  • Restraint and Silence

Prep reading: God’s Communication Style is Kenotic   by Ted Lewis 2008


Finally, if you are a church leader or minister, and would like to be part of the Restorative Responses group, please contact Ted Lewis. This zoom-based opportunity functions as a confidential support group that discusses conflicts and harms within a church community.  These could include: relational hurts, disputes, divisive or polarizing communications, and personality clashes. Discussions will include brainstorming of response options and introduction to wider resources for addressing harms and conflicts. Please email to express interest.

A great way to CONNECT!

All events are free, and donations are very welcomed to sustain this work.



This photo and the one above were taken from the Duluth shoreline of Lake Superior where there is a predominance of red and blue basalt, all forged out of the same volcanic activity in this region. These arrangements were made by Ted Lewis on Election Day of Nov. 2020.

Restorative Bible Workshop Series from the Spring of 2021:

1. A Genesis Journey: Reconciliation with Hagar, Jacob, and Joseph |  Saturday, April 17th, 11 am – 1 pm Eastern Time 

2. A Jesus Journey: The Adulterous Woman and Good Friday | Saturday, May 8th, 11 am – 1 pm Eastern Time

3. A Jew-Gentile Journey: Resolving Tensions in the Book of Acts | Saturday, June 12th, 11 am – 1 pm Eastern Time

These workshops can be offered again online for specific church groups. Time lengths can be variable. For more information, email Ted at




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